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Ceiling Color Ideas

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White ceilings are just an every day thing we don’t give much thought to. Regardless of wall color ceilings are most often go as white but why is that? What about other colors? Well, while a white ceiling will reflect light and make the room appear bigger and airier other colors will make it more interesting.

White Ceiling



Multilevel White Ceiling

Besides the color, ceilings are often left smooth and matte but you can do much much more with a medium to high ceiling if you wanted to. From decorative forms to built in lighting your ceilings can become a decoration on its own. Remember Gothic or baroque vaulted ceilings with molds and pictures?

Colorful Ceilings

Pink Ceiling

Pink Ceiling

If your ceiling isn’t too low try choosing something other than a common white. Go for brights like red orange, royal blue, or pastel mint. You can also choose more than one color and go with stripes, checks and other patterns for your ceiling adding a whole new dimension to your room.

Dark Ceiling

Dark Ceiling

Dark Ceiling

Normally we’d advice to stay away from dark colors for ceilings but if you enjoy modern style and have medium or high ceiling then go ahead and paint it charcoal grey, taupe or even black. Anything is possible in modern style. Expect the space to look a bit dark and boxy if the room is not very big. We say, leave the dark shades for open plan rooms.

If you want a reative ceiling but yours is low and you have to stick with white think about adding thin mold patterns to it. Also make sure to paint floors light color to visually maximize space in the house. Another trick to make low ceiling seem high is hanging long curtains as high as possible.


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