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Caribbean Interior Design

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Summer has kicked into the big cities, and a little drop of fresh air with Caribbean notes would be greatly appreciated. With the help of these tips you can recreate the original Caribbean atmosphere in the interior design.


Caribbean Influence on Interior

Creating your own Caribbean interior design is very easy, adding a bit here and there. Following these easy tips will get you to the desired place, to the paradise inside a mega polis. As the Caribbean islands are a very multicultural spot, there are many different influences displayed in the interior . But mostly certainly it is the open spaces with lots of fresh air inside, and bright colors, which provoke beach like experiences.

Caribbean interior is very laid back, calm yet cheerful, as every day brings pleasure and more sun. The colors are usually those that can be easily spotted outside of the house: the canary yellow, turquoise blue of the ocean, vibrant lime hues, coral red and lively greens of the palm trees and other abundant greenery. Subtle colors are also of great value, as they make the bright colors brighter. Remember that white goes very well with most of these colors, so using it as a background is a good start.

Venetian blinds, which reveal just about as much of the outside scenery, are also a very welcoming gesture. Open view terrace are also a very intriguing principle of the Caribbean style, especially if the patio is decorated with light colors, flower patterned cushions, and rattan or even bamboo furniture. By the way, distressed wood furniture is also a very good way to recreate the Caribbean atmosphere. The flooring should be reminiscent of the beach, so white or bleached pine is an option, but the preferred mode is tiles and stone.

Caribbean interior design should very pleasing and relaxing, comfortable furniture, laid back colors, nice outdoor breeze that rushes inside your living room, big natural flowers that spread their fragrance all over your house, this is what you need. If you live in a big city, yet crave for some sun and the beach, you can use the vibrant Caribbean atmosphere to fill into your living space, and create an illusion of being in vacation. Either way, enjoy your Caribbean Interior and live to your fullest.

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