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Canary & Concrete In Fine Design Group Office

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When thinking of the official working space that you have to go each day and work in: a dull picture of the spaces that are all alike comes to mind. Maybe exactly this picture in mind the design group Boora Architects was trying to avoid when they made a renovation of this office. Now, the creative studio of Fine Design Group is full of life, art and surprising color combos, such as for instance of canary yellow and concrete grey.

Amazing Office Renovation

Fine Office

Fine Design Group Office Interior By Jon Jensen

Despite appearing a little bit cluttered, this office can boast about 5 500 square feet of raw shell space. There are no walls in the conventional meaning of this word – every bit of the internal space of the office is visible to the rest of the personnel. However, no matter how unorganized the office seems, there is an internal structure that was followed by the design team of Boora Architects.

There are blocks, or rather program zones each being attributed to the distinct activities. There is a “Barn” area – a prolonged room that gives space for two offices and the conference room. The unique shape of the Barn allows different opportunities for various activities that happen outside of this area: a pool table to one side of the Barn, the kitchen and the open work stations. Nearby the Barn there is also a brainstorming area. The Barn can be recognized by the intense yellow color of its blocks.

Other distinct areas include a residential kitchen, where personnel gather not only to eat, but also to socialize. One of the essential things in the kitchen are the unique canary yellow chairs and grey tile by Health Ceramics that are glazed in a custom pattern of matte and gloss.

Another area of interest in this office is the paper corner. There is a walnut-clad bookcase that divides the print/copy zone of the office, located on the other side of the bookcase. Meanwhile the space facing the workstations also offers a comfy place for laptop users and a small lounge area. Overall, the contrasting colors of yellow and grey, the ambiguous placing of the working stations and lounge areas as well as various socializing hubs provide a very pleasant and creative impression.


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