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Brighton Escape: Contemporary Decor

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Looking for some decor inspiration in contemporary style? Well, you should definitely check out the Brighton Escape interior design by Georgia Ezra of G.A.B.B.E where the designer managed to make a statement in contemporary style!

Modern Decorating by G.A.B.B.E

The Brighton Escape is a unique example of the contemporary interior decorating by a talented specialist, Georgia Ezra of G.A.B.B.E studio. The house is very expansive featuring a lot of internal space for a traditional family. Taking inspiration in the natural forms, like a seashell, the house is sort of opening its inner beauty to the viewer.
The house is very sculptural in its form, and appears like a museum with all of the serenity, which is given to the residential space. Every detail in the house is thoroughly matching the entire decor, having a special meaning for the entire family. Despite its serene interior, the house is very friendly in use, and accommodates the inhabitants to the fullest. Here is some description from the G.A.B.B.E:
“The Brighton Escape – Expansiveness. Serenity. Terra-texture. A contemporary design with resounding vibrations to sooth the urban family. Like a seashell carrying the sound of the ocean, or a mirror reflecting sunlight, this space was specifically fashioned to capture and exude the warmth of the environment which surrounds it. The space was treated from its genesis, with the same respect for design as a museum. Carving of ceiling, walls and floor not only creates sculptural partitions throughout the residence, but with the spirit of a rock pool, provides channels to flow through and delineates ample space in which to dwell together. Cleverly thought out to provide a flexible family home each area has been intentionally designed to accommodate and honour their everyday movements, emotions and cycles. The space also lends opportunity for personalisation to the clients aesthetics and lifestyle through decorative items and furnishings. The result is a harmonious sanctuary that stands as a finished work of art on its own, and is yet constantly evolving with its inhabitants.”


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