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Brazilian Colorful Eclectic House

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If you are after inspiration for your interior, dive into the fresh eclectic colors of the amazing Brazilian house in the heart of Brazil!

Brazilian Colorful Apartment

This is an amazing example of how color can be incorporated into interior design and become something more than accents. It is almost visible, that the house belongs to a young couple, because of the bold choices and amazing combinations! Each room has a unique distinct taste and shows a lot of creativity behind its design!

The first thing that can be noticed in the living room is a real brick wall, with the bright accenting cushions and a vibrant window. Notice how the grey furniture is contrasted with the different patterns and colors of the pillows. Despite the presence of many colors, the room does not appear as a blur, but is balanced and interesting, because it has a theme in it.
On the other hand, the dining room with a turquoise contrasting wall sets the attitude for the room. There are also a few interesting bright colored paintings, but the blue takes all the attention. Another interesting decor is present in the outdoors, the contrasting purple wall, with some kitchen elements. The outdoors has a lot of patterns and incorporates a lot of colors. The overall impression of the house is very cheerful, bohemian and feminine.

Brazilian Colorful Inspiration


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