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Black&White Interior Design Ideas

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Using only two colors in interior design seems like really neat idea, as these monochromatic décor ideas are very creative. This post will introduce you to the most hip and stylish black and white decorating ideas.


Monochromatic Décor Tips

Some might say, that monochromatic décor is boring, however not always. Monochromatic interior design is in fact very stylish and original, as it can be in many decorating styles and designs. Black and white are often combination for the monochromatic interior design. Whether your living space is big or small, there is always space for color, especially if there are only two of them.

However, strictly speaking, it is not forbidden to include other highlight colors, that would look just stunning against the black and white background. Just about any color looks good with these neutral colors, however black can become an accent of its own. Black and white interior is certainly very dramatic, but also quite delicate and enigmatic. So can you decorate the interior into black and white only?

It is important not to use black as the only leading color, unless that is your intention. Black is very depressing color for most people, and if used excessively can throw you into dark pits of eternal doom. Well, not that dramatic, however you got the point. Accenting with black seems like a good idea. If you use smaller décor items in black, using predominantly white color as a background that would do the trick of converting your room into elegant and charming one.


Using black as a major background provides a big contrast between the colors, and gives this drama and charisma to the room. Take a look at this room with the blackboard on the white wall, see how it highlights the white candelabra light? Using the black wall decal art on the white background would give the room the needed atmosphere, and if it would bore you can always take it off.

Monochrome decor

Another black and white trick is in stripes, however they are really off the limits if you want something more neutral. Stripes are a very bold move, used to underline the drama in the room. The black and white also goes well with some other colors, and green is one of the most perfect combinations. However, we talk of green as in plants, not in fabrics or textures. Greenery is a good decoration, but it is makes an interior special if the plant actually fits into the interior design picture. So, when decorating in black and white, remember all of the above, and you will succeed.

Black and White inspiration

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  1. Molly
    July 18, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Modern and minimalistic! I’ve been dreaming of a white & black room for 5 years already.

  2. rona
    December 4, 2012 at 2:04 am

    Hi its rona i am decorating my living room in black & gold ineed some ideas plezzzzzzzzz x i jurst love this web site so mutchhhhh x

  3. Strega
    December 5, 2012 at 8:03 am

    Dear Rona,
    here is something for you to consider: