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Black and White Malmö Apartment

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Black and white is always stylish, and this incredible Malmö apartment is Scandinavian interpretation of it! Let’s take a closer look at this mesmerizing interiors!

Cute Scandinavian Inspiration

This beautiful appartment is located in the Malmö, the southernmost province of Scania. It found its place between the Municipal Theatre and the Catholic Church, with booksellers and bookstores along the sidewalks. Given the historic location, the actual appartment preserves the 1920’s atmosphere of the past.
This apartment poses as a true Scandinavian spirit, with white walls and black accentuating furnishings. Have you noticed that most of the Scandinavian styled aparment have one big room for everything, and this one is no exception, because it can accommodate both bed, work area and couch if desired. The apartment also offers amazing views on the City Tunnel park nearby and has a lovely balcony, which is a nice place for breakfast nook. Don’t you just love how everything is contrasting: the black furniture pieces with the white cushions, walls and occasional green? A pure Scandinavian inspiration!

True Scandinavian Interior


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