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Best Color Combinations for Dramatic Indoors

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Colors no doubt play a very important role in creating the mood of the room. Today we are going to explore best color combinations for creating dramatic indoors! Stick around and get inspired by this compilation of most incredible color combos!

Dramatic Colors for Eccentric Interiors

1. Lilac Gradations and Jeweled Blues

To create a very sensual interior use this lilac color gradation with the accentuated jewel blue colors as accents. Especially well this goes with the sensual velvet fabrics. Play with intensity of hues for the dramatic effect, and remember that lilac can be quite gentle.

2. Peacock and Golden Hues

best color schemes

Peacock is a very intriguing color, because its color span is quite big. It can be either navy to sea green colors or navy to blue-violent. Using peacock in combination with golden hues creates a grandiose interior no matter what other details of interior say. So if you want to add some drama to the interior use this color combo.

3. Magenta and Concrete Grey

best color schemes

Magenta is a very vibrant and intense color, which when used alone can be quite dramatic. When using this hue along with concrete grey, magenta is reviving the interior. Play with the intensity to make the interior more neutral if needed, because too much magenta sometimes can be quite intimidating.

4. Turquoise and Lime

Turquoise, as a blue gradient color is very refreshing and in combination with lime tones it is very reviving. However, be careful when using these colors together, as they are very intense and perhaps it is best to combine them with neutral colors, such as beige and white.

5. Tender Shoots and Dark Mahogany

best color schemes

Tender Shoots hue is one of the hottest colors of the year 2013! Along with accentuating lines of dark mahogany, this color combination looks just fantastic. The refreshing green alongside the sobering dark brown is an excellent spring combination.

6. Emerald Green and Lemon Zest

The dark sheer emerald in combination with funky lemon zest looks refreshing and luxurious. While the emerald hues give depth to the room, the lemon hues highlight the vitality of the room, while making the interior appear grandiose. Meanwhile, check out the rest of inspiring color schemes, which we compilated below!


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