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Bergdorf Chalet Renovation

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How beautiful can a Swiss chalet be? Just imagine up in the snowy peaks of Swiss Alps, sits the amazing renovated farm house, which design preserves the initial charm and rustic appeal of the 200 years ago.

Bergdorf Renovation

Interlaken Farm House Makeover

This old building still remembers how it used to be a farm house 100 years ago. In 1890 the farm house was updated to a country chalet and now, it is a luxurious rustic chalet, located in Interlaken, the Swiss canton of Bern. Just recently, in 2013, Zürich-based agency Bergdorf has completed the stunning renovation to update the look of the chalet, preserving its initial beauty of a rustic appeal.

The details of the chalet, such as rustic furniture, floor panels, and woodwork furnishing still carry the old farm house essence. The color schemes of the chalet seem to echo the external landscape of the snow peaks, trees and Alpine spaces. There are blues of the mountain peaks, the woodworks of the tree bark.

The interior is very simple, keeping the decor to the minimum, celebrating the simplicity of life at its best. There are no screaming accessories that would remind the dweller of the contemporary live, except for electricity of course. There is just peace and tranquility of a remote Swiss farm house.

Especially astonishing looks the dining room with the massive antique furnace decorated with elaborate mosaics. The tone of mosaics, along with its pattern echo the snowy silence of the landscape in the outdoors, while bringing the cold blue charm to the interior. While blue is one of the leading colors, there are also warmer yellow hues, displayed in the same dining room. There are no contrasting bold patterns or colors, instead, the chalet is very serene in its interior. The incredible ornate woodworks that decorate the roofing outside, add a century old charisma to the chalet. Photos via Bergdorf.

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