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Behind Glass Bedroom Ideas

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Bedroom is not a multifunctional room. You come in, you go to bed, and sometimes you change clothes there and that’s it. Whether you have a small one room apartment or a spacious open layout house bedroom can be a small area behind the glass that has just one function and plenty of privacy.

Bedroom behind glass Wall


A glass box is an unusual bedroom design and can make for an interesting interior or help separate the bedroom from the other zones in a small apartment without making either claustraphobic and boxy. Thanks to glass transparency you can have one room apartment seem visually intact all the while dividing the space into the clear zones.

The glass partition is also a great way to make room for a shower, a wardrobe, or some other zone you want divided from the bedroom. The great thing is that you can increase privacy any moment with a curtain and remove it when youwant the place to be more airy.

Behind Glass Bedrooms

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