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Bedroom Décor Ideas

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Are in search for some fresh and stylish bedroom décor ideas? Then, this is a right post just for you. This post will introduce to you the most interesting bedroom decorating ideas from different interior design styles, from minimalistic to shabby chic.


Bedroom Interior design

Whether you bedroom is small or big, whether the rest of your house in one particular style, you can still experiment on your bedroom, because it is your own very private room. First you need to decide with the style that would seem appropriate to your house, and the bedroom space. If the rest of your house is traditional, the minimalistic bedroom design would seem very futuristic and even out of context. However, if you want to experiment and mix different styles, including minimalism, this is more like it.

Minimalistic interior design as we remember is characterized by minimum details, and very pragmatic low level furniture. The colors are either bold black, or neutral pastel, however the color palette is of course your personal choice. The background can be neutral, whereas the leading colors can be very bright and catchy. Creating a bright spot can be made either on the wall, on the bed linen, or some décor items, like creative flashy lamps or even sparkling headboard designs. There is also an option of creating your own headboard with available items. It can be just about anything, from pillow collection to a fancy upholstered headboard.

If you want your furniture to be shabby chic, remember about the distressed wood furniture, as it is an important aspect of that style. The colors are light and should not disturb your attention. The lines are curvy, linen is fluffy, girly and cozy. The overall impression should be of lightness and some chic. Often the limited space is a problem, however using multipurpose furniture and accessing different “hidden” spaces is also an option. For instance, you can use the space beneath your bed, and surprisingly behind it, using the headboard as a storage space. Another saving solution is the mobile drawers set, as well as suspended furniture.

Often the actual style of the interior does not really matter, however different aspects of the decorating style can add that touch of style, which is most people craving for. It can be a fancy lamp, distressed wood furniture, low level bed, monochromatic colors with minimum details, just do not clutter these elements at the same time in one space! Try to save some space and not to clutter your private room, because keeping order is quite important in creating comfort zones. Adding a touch of your own personality is also an important aspect of making the bedroom look nice. The personal item can be anything, from a photo frames, to special designed furniture piece. These are just overall tips in creating a very comfortable bedroom with your own style.

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