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Beautiful View Through Glass

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Every time when you are outside of your house in your beautiful garden, enjoying its beauty, you may have a thought “Why I cannot see this view from inside?”, “Why I cannot watch an outside life being inside?” Especially, when it rains or snows and you would like to be a part of the natural phenomenon without being hurt. Your desire to make this in real can be achieved by having glass installations in your house, such as a glass roof, glass walls, glass windows, terraces, or veranda.

Home Design

The open space of your home design gives an unlimited access to the outside condition of your home design ideas, there is like no divider by put the glass windows in your home design. You put the glass window because you have a nice outdoor shade of your home. The exterior shade that the house has is the natural shade from the environment so it is nice to share the shade inside of your home concept design. This is also can be the connection of your natural exterior design with the luxurious design concept with the natural touch inside of your house.

In a modern home living, there have been many people who design their houses with the various architectures. In the modern home living, it is a very nice idea to have a unique architecture. It is caused by the existence of the unique architecture will be able to give a particular impression to the owner of the home living. Therefore, in this modern time, it is undoubtedly anymore that there have been many people like to design their modern home living in the unquiet architecture, including the house that is built in the compact architecture.

The View through Glass

Lovely View

These amazing four bedrooms, five bathrooms property is designed to capture as much Pacific views as possible. Disappearing walls of glass seamlessly open to terraces with extraordinary views, unforgettable sunsets, and sounds of the crashing surf are main features which nobody would forget.

Lovely View

Peeking out among the treetops, this house designed by New Zealand’s Parsonson Architects stands out with an unconventional, geometric silhouette with layered volumes in wood and glass. It is a very beautiful view from the house’s glass wall.

Lovely View

If you are looking for some of option, surely, this modern living space soft grey living room large glass wall is a great choice for your design and style option future.

Lovely View

When you were kids, you often read a story or watched a movie on wooden houses built on trees. Such houses are now inspired the architects to create a concept of modern home in the woods with the main material of wood and glass. Wood gives a natural balance and adapts well to surroundings look, while the glass, which is mounted on each corner of the house, gives you direct access to enjoy the freshness of green trees outside the house.

Lovely View

Listen to the waves break below as you sit on your pool deck, or if you are a water lover, you will love the beauty and purity as you bathe, you can look out at the pool and the ocean.

Lovely View

You will not be aware of the lake at first until you enter the house and see the view of the beautiful water area from the rear window of the house. The surrounding landscape of such class became the most prominent feature of the house that greatly enhanced the design features of the house itself.

Lovely View

LM House in New York is well-known because of its eco-friendly home design. Most of the building material use wood and glass. It does not use concrete wall just like the other house, but it uses glass wall instead. The glass wall is composed by tempered glass. So, it will more secure for children. At first glance, it looks like a showcase. The inner side of house can be seen by people in outside of house. So, it looks like it expresses the freedom. The Architects of LM House was Desai Chia Architecture, an Architectural firm that comes from New York.


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