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Bay Windows: Accesorizing and Decorating

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Bay window is a type of window that opens outward the house, forming an extra space in interior. This kind of window construction usually uses 90, 135 and 150 degrees. Bay windows offer a wide range of decorating ideas, and today we are going to explore ways of accessorizing and decorating bay windows.

Bay Window

Bay Window Decor Tips

Despite having the same design of a protruding construction, bay windows can be very different in types. Typical representation of a bay window is the type with three similar window frames. They can be large, from ceiling to the floor, or they can be minimalistic and symbolic. With such a diversity to offer, no wonder that there are different uses for bay windows!

Bay Window Breakfast Nook

Placing a breakfast nook in the bay window area could set your mood for the whole day! Imagine sitting with your family, eating the freshly cooked breakfast, reading a morning paper and glancing over to the beautiful landscape! If the view is truly exceptional, don’t even bother with window treatment.

Bay Window

Bay Window Reading Hideway

Well, if you would like some seating, built right into the structure of the window, and some window treatment for privacy from the res of the house, imagine what a perfect reading hideaway that would be. Toss some decorative pillows for decorating and comfort, and let the whole world wonder where you are hiding.

Bay Window Garden

If the bay window is small, you could start a little house plant gardening project right on the window sill. This way the plants will get enough sunshine, and your window bay would be decorated.

Bay Window

Bay Window Treatment

There are different ways of accessorizing the bay window with different window treatments. One of the most traditional ways is using a silk panel. Among other choices are drapery panels, roman shades and a valance.

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