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Baskets in Interior

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If you are in search of some ultra creative ideas on how to make your interior stylish with practical items, like baskets, this is the best spot to be at!

Using Baskets in Decor

Baskets are universal items for storage, but also they add some rustic element into your interior. If you have a bunch of baskets waiting in line to be used for good start off from here! Even if you don’t have baskets, thrift stores and garage sales will help you with getting the most prettiest and low priced baskets!

Baskets are very common, yet usually we don’t know how to use them in interior design! One of the most popular ideas is to use basket in the bathroom, for laundry. However, there is also an option for using a basket for towel, shampoo and other bathroom accesories storage! Baskets can ever become a cabinet for your drawer.
Other place for using baskets is in kitchen, where when one can be hung and used for storage for owen mittens, spoons, forks, snacks and many other things. If the basket is big enough it can become a maximum storage solution for a other miniature storages for herbs, salt, pepper and othe necessary items.

The living room and bedroom also hold some potential for using baskets! They not only can act as a storing solution, but also great tool for adding depth by texture into your interior. Placing them at random for decorative purposes, even hanging collectibles of flat baskets on the wall also a great idea. Does this spark an idea?

Baskets in Decor

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