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Aspen La Muna Chalet

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If you like skiing, you might enjoy the chalet designs as well. This Aspen La Muna chalet is special, and you will soon see why.

Aspen La Muna Chalet

Incredible Colorado Chalet

Located in a very exclusive region of Red Mountains in Aspen Colorado, La Muna is embracing the local visions and pays homage to the Japanese tradition of accepting the imperfections: the Wabi-sabi art. The chalet was renovated by Oppenheim Architecture + Design from a 30 year old neglected house, into incredible ski house, with maximum luxury. Since then, it changed a bit, by being transformed into a livable structure, but its original design has been preserved.

Mostly made from wood, steel and stone, the house appears to be natural and accepting. It appears like fortress to its owners, and embraced the great views of the Mountains. La Muna chalet is made with principals of sustainable designs, having eco-friendly options for maintainance. It features 3,500 square feet, and offers very friendly wooden interior, creating cozy atmosphere of the excellent skiing resort, while offering oustanding views.

la Muna Chalet Inspiration

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