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Apartment With Enfilade in Vienna

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Enfilade layout is always a problem. It is beautiful, but not modern. When the interior is seen from end to end, you can forget about privacy, which is so valued today. In general, designers and their customers typically come up with redesigning of the initial layout, after which the enfilade disappears. But Denis Kosutik’s design of such an apartment with enfilade meets the requirements of the modern time.

Bold Interior Design of Apartment With Enfilade in Vienna

Apartment with enfilade in Vienna desined by Denis Kosutik

Apartment with enfilade in Vienna desined by Denis Kosutik

Denis Kosutik has designed the apartment of 1130 ft2 in Vienna’s house of mid-XIX century and called the project “Disneyland”. It sounds strange. The eponymous park with broadside decorations depicting Sleeping Beauty Palace and ranch cowboys can hardly be considered the epitome of good taste. And in this apartment everything is spotless: the architecture itself and its content.

The only thing that really unites “Disneyland” and the designer’s project is perpetual holiday atmosphere and numerous surprises. The apartment has three adjoining rooms: office, living room, and bedroom, which the designer put in the busiest place. The bedroom is the room, which opens the enfilade.

In order to avoid the situation when the room looks like a thoroughfare, Dennis hid the bed in the “pocket” – behind the L-shaped partition. Similarly, the desktop in the office is separated from the aisle by a rack. In fact, the apartment has got a “double bottom” with a classic shell outside and modern constructions made ​​of MDF inside, which zones the space and serves as a storage system.

The apartment owners love the modern design. And the interior does not contain random or nameless things. But here Kosutik managed to do everything on his own. Usually rooms, which are fully furnished with recognizable objects, almost inevitably evoke associations with furniture salons or museums. Kosutik managed to go away from this. The interior is made with great humor.

The best decoration in the apartment is the wallpaper, which, at first sight, does not suit the general design and “tell” quite another story. But that is the trick of the designer: playful silhouettes of dogs in the hallway, pastoral scenes in the bedroom or Shanghai skyscraper windows in the kitchen, reduce the degree of pathos. And most importantly, they create a surprise effect, just like in a real amusement park, where you never know what is waiting behind the corner.

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