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Apartment With Breathtaking Central Park Views

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One of the best things of living in New York is the breathtaking scenery of the skyline and of course the Central Park. Well, New York-based designer Robert Couturier has recently completed the design of an apartment that combines the vistas of the New York landscape and incredible Central Park views in an amazing modern penthouse.

Apartment With Central Park Views

NY Penthouse

Breathtaking Views From NY Penthouse

This New York City apartment is quite expansive, featuring about 450 square meters of livable space. The apartment is not only a luxurious urban residence but also a private gallery with lots of contemporary art pieces. However, its main attraction is the breathtaking view over the Central park and everything in the apartment is designed to enhance the access to the massive windows.

Overall, the layout of the apartment has the so-called open plan, with no visual barriers and huge floor to ceiling windows that open up a breathtaking view. There are various rooms, each being decorated in its own distinct style. There is a living room, the central point of the apartment, where the breathtaking skyline views are most incredible, then there is a merged kitchen and a dining room. There are also more private bedrooms decorated with various color palettes.

The interior design of the apartment is very contemporary, highlighted with numerous outstanding furnishing items. It has been mentioned earlier that the apartment has an extensive collection of modern art pieces, so these pieces are used widely as decor elements throughout the whole apartment. This way we can see that the living room has various art pieces, cleverly incorporated into design. The white walls of the interior make the apartment appear aerial and highlight the breathtaking views that open practically from any angle of the apartment.

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