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Ancient German Church Renovation

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The astonishing ancient German church Annakapelle Schladming has been recently reopened and renovated by a group of renowned professional from Hammerschmid Pachl Seebacher Architekten studio. Check out the amazing rebirth of an ancient German church.

Annakapelle Schladming Rebirth

The ancient German Church Annakapelle Schladming has been recently reopened for a first time for the past 200 years. Its rebirth is attributed to a group of talented professionals from Hammerschmid Pachl Seebacher Architekten, that has made renovated the church. The church is known for its actual vaults that are holding a thousands of bones of nameless people.

Keeping that morbid fact in mind, the German architects along with artist Wolfgang Guenther have remodeled the first flour and the basement, and the church have been opened for the tourists for the first time in a such a long time! The Schladming city is a popular tourist location, and opening of a new attraction site would certainly pay off. The church can host different kinds of events, such as exhibitions, lectures, and talks. The grim crypt has removed its veil of morbid fear, and opened its doors to creative and interesting events for the city dwellers and tourists of Schladming.


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