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Alternative Wallpaper Uses In Decor

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Wallpaper makes cracks in the walls disappear and make the unevenness less obvious. They give your room not only color but patterns or even a whole view but walls aren’t the only thing wallpaper can be used on. Wallpaper is so versatile it can be used to decorate furniture and even be its own artwork.

Wallpaper Uses In Decor

Wallpaper stairs

Boring stairs can be liven up with strips of bright eye catchy wallpaper. They can be of same design or different designs and colors that complement each other and coordinate well. Also if you want to brighten up the stair wall you can use the bright wallpaper to make the area stand out.

Almost any type of shelving can be transformed with a few strips of interesting wallpaper. Drawers and dressers can be decorated both on the inside and outside. The sides of drawers can also be wallpaper-ed to give them a pop of color and pattern.


Wallpaper can be cut and framed like any other artwork and hung over the sofa. This is especially useful for rented spaces. If you want to add some style to the place but cannot install wallpaper, just buy a few metres of design you like and frame a few different size cuts to decorate your wall with.

You can also give your ceiling a makeover with bright patterned wallpaper. It’s not limited to walls only. And you can use washable wallpaper on surfaces that you’d like to preserve pristine but don’t necessarily want to wash them every day like a fridge, backsplash, and doors.


Get your wallpaper leftovers out and see how you can use them to transform an old closet, wardrobe, or dresser. You can also wallpaper an area you want to stand out like an entry way or a feature wall.


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