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Alcove Design Ideas

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Alcove is a great little space you can reserve for a breakfast or a reading nook or even a bedroom. Alcoves are usually a product of old architecture but you can definitely plan them in your new house or create them during with some clever remodeling.

Design Ideas for Alcoves

Alcove seating area

Living room alcove highlighted with lime yellow paint

Alcoves are great for creating nooks and private spaces but if you want it to stand out you can paint the walls of the alcove in a contrasting color. This way it won’t blend with the interior and will show off the area you want to show off. You can also use lighting to illuminate the area.

To give your alcove more mystery and privacy complete it with decorative molding and curtains. This is a great way to decorate a kid’s room or create a private nook where you can read or even catch some day rest.

Alcoves are also great for places like kitchen as you can set up a pantry or an entire wine storage there. An arched alcove will give your wine storage a truly aesthetic look while more a minimalistic shape would do great in hallways, stairways, and anywhere in modern style houses. Ornate alcoves can also be completed with decorative trellises and details making for an opulent look, which would suit only classic, Maroccan, or other luxury styles.

Otherwise an alcove can be built in any house and be of any shape and style that suits the general atmosphere of the room.


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