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Advantages of Relief Plaster

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Modern interior designers are increasingly using and decorative plaster moldings in conjunction with plasterboard for creation their masterpieces. These materials allow you to create any shape and texture even in an apartment with a standard layout. Relief plaster has also other advantages.

Advantages of Using Relief Plaster in Home Interior Design

Relief plaster

Relief plaster

If we compare the decorative plaster with wallpaper, the plaster has several advantages. And most important of them is prestige. Prestige is achieved due to the fact that this material is considered one of the trendy ones. In this case it is used not only in the interior, but also at the facades, balconies, loggias.

Also, compared with wallpaper, the relief plaster is applied on a surface by flat beautiful layer without joints and bubbles. It can be painted in any color or decorated by artistic painting. In this regard many argue that the paintable wallpaper win before plastering. But do not forget about the composition of the materials. Stucco is more durable, robust and water-resistant, so it is possible to decorate bathrooms.

Relief plaster

Relief plaster

Issue with the cost of materials is solved very simply: wallpaper is cheaper than plaster, but their lifespan is 2-3 times less. Therefore, in order to save money it is better to choose plaster: for the period of its serving (15-20 years) you could change the wallpaper several times and as a result spend much more money. Even if you are bored with these walls, you can change their color and texture at any time.

However, designers do not prohibit, and even welcome mix of styles and materials in one interior. So you can successfully combine wallpaper, relief plaster, and other finishing materials, which complement the interior with their own advantages.

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