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Acoustic Panels from Form Us With Love

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Swedes Petrus Palmer, John Löfgren and Jonas Petersson founded the industrial design studio Form Us With Love in 2005. Recently the company announced the opening of its new division called BAUX and released its first collection – sound-absorbing panels by BAUX Träullit made of fiber cement and water.

Hexagon Collection of Acoustic Panels from Form Us With Love

Hexagon collection of acoustic panels BAUX Träullit for Form Us With Love

Hexagon collection of acoustic panels BAUX Träullit for Form Us With Love

BAUX Company, founded by the three designers together with other two designers Johan Ronnestam and Fredrick Franzon, will explore the capabilities of environmental design, develop and manufacture innovative building materials of amazing functionality and incredible beauty.

The first project of the new company is a collection of colored panels BAUX Träullit. The collection includes tiles of six basic geometric shapes and two sizes, which can be used to form a mosaic of any scale, complexity and colors with virtually no restrictions. The material is for hundred percent eco-friendly, simple to produce, relatively inexpensive and water resistant. In addition, it looks interesting, absorbs sound and retains heat.

It is surprising that the material itself is not innovative: panels made of a mixture of wood chips, cement and water have been produced by a small Swedish factory Träullit for 60 years. The designers have found the factory, while registering their own studio in Stockholm.

The young designers immediately offered cooperation to the factory and launched a joint project Hexagon. Form Us With Love made quite small panels​​, painted them in bright colors and gave them form of a regular hexagon. This shape allows making the bright mosaic panels, which you would not want to hide inside the walls or under the floor.

After the success of the Hexagon collection, Form Us With Love decided to develop the project and improved it seriously: they added new shapes, sizes and colors, so that nothing restrained imagination of designers and decorators. The collection by BAUX Träullit is a real goldmine of creativity and innovative approaches to the design of the interior, and it’s only the beginning. Designers promise that all the fun of the project is yet to come.


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