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9 Signs that You Are Minimalist

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Minimalist style is the brightest and most controversial style of the second half of XX century. A very common opinion about the minimalist style is that it is a cool style, creating comfortless and empty space. This opinion is formed in 90 ‘s, when minimalist interiors were very much in fashion, and it was thought that the colder, squarer and more monochrome is the better.

9 Signs of Minimalist Style in Your Interior Design

Minimalist style interior design

Minimalist style interior design

The essence of a minimalist approach is that there should be just a few things, which have to be concise. Minimalist style has no other canons. It presupposes using any color, any texture, any spatial solutions. As a result, minimalist style can look very different.

Minimalist style is one of the most common interior styles. Those, who love this style, surround themselves everywhere with the necessary minimum, avoiding excesses and pomposity in decoration.

9 signs of minimalist style in interior design

– An open floor plan and the most large areas with movable walls and natural light is the priority.

– Mattress or bed is lower than normal one and likely deprived of a headboard.

– The color palette includes mostly white, black and gray, with the addition of natural wood tones and metallic gloss surfaces.

– Nothing pleases the eye more than the clean and straight lines in the interior, starting from the hallway and ending in the bathroom.

– Color in minimalist interior appears not in useless decoration, but with the help of something beautiful, i.e. with an art object. This can be a photo, painting, poster, or any other work of art that can accentuate your home decor.

– Kitchen facades are exclusively white in order not to distract attention from the main thing – the process of cooking and eating food.

– There are not much items in the house, but they do not strive to be the subject of life, but look as a work of art, even lights and table vases.

– Flowers in a minimalist interior are an overkill, but not in the case when it comes to cacti and other “graphical and architectural” plants.

– White color fills the entire space. Its ally is gray-black scale, which is represented in much smaller areas.

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