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8 Ideas of Making Hallway in Studio Apartment

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The popularity of open studios is growing every day along with the number of questions on their decoration. And if it is more or less clear with the rooms, then the design of the hall often leads to confusion. Should the door be opened directly into the living room? Or is it better to build a couple of walls? Today we’ll talk about how to design and organize the hallway where there is no place for it.

How to Make Hallway in Studio Apartment: 8 Tips

Using furniture as a divider

Using furniture as a divider

Separate the area of the hallway by a piece of furniture

A sofa, directed into the room, can visually divide the room into zones with its back. The hallway will be highlighted, and the space will remain open and free. The same can be done with a pair of seats.

Highlight the area of the hallway with a short and low wall

If the front door is located at one corner of the room, you can build a small low wall to separate the hallway from the rest of the space.

Create an area of ​​the hallway with the help of the floor covering

Zoning using the flooring and carpets is perfect for separating the hallway. Determine the area that will be used for the hallway, and cover it with a carpet of the desired size; get it tiled or laminated with the material, which is different in color or texture from the rest of the flooring.

Use the double doors

The second door is the mobile space divider. You can open it when you want to create privacy, or close to make a residential area more open.

Highlight the hallway area using the rack

Rack is a great divider, not only for functional areas in the room, but also to highlight the hallway. This is a more functional solution than the wall, because it can be used to store various things.

Use screens to create a hallway

Screens and separators typically have a translucent structure, without creating blank walls. There are plenty of options to help you not only to separate the hall, but also to give your home a unique style and personality.

Do not separate the hallway from the rest rooms

If the layout of your apartment and your lifestyle does not require space for the hallway, then there is no need to bother with it. Simply install hooks or shelves for keys and different things – and your entrance area is ready.

Build a hallway

And finally, perhaps the most radical of all the ways is to build a separate room for the hallway. If you know that you need the hallway (for example, your studio apartment is very small, and going into it, you find yourself right in the bedroom), then you should think about how to build a wall.


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