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8 Amazing Colors For Ceiling

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When you think about interior colors, they don’t always have to be functional and easy on the eye. Some of the best interiors utilize rich dark and bright clashing colors that work together thanks to sheer magic of interior designer’s vision. But even a neutral or all-white interior can be livened up with a painted ceiling trend without much change to the interior itself at all.

Golden ceiling

Golden ceiling is just right for this blue green dining room

The key rule to making the painted ceiling work is to choose the color that isn’t too dark and imposing, especially for a room where the ceiling is low or the room is too small. For such cases go with something light yet colorful. The irridescent green in the gallery below makes even the small room with a loft bedroom look luxurious.

Don’t be afraid to use sparkling colors etiher. They are a great alternative to those super glossy ceilings that make homes look too public and office-y. The example above is one of the best things we’ve seen interior-wise.

Purple, pink, and magenta aren’t as intimidating in ceiling as they are in the walls. It is a great way to keep the bedroom light and airy with an unexpected touch of color.

Amazing Colors For Ceiling


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