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7 Ways To Save Space In Small Apartments

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Most people that live in small apartments have a feeling of having too much stuff and not enough space. Even if you don’t have that much furniture, the most important thing is to use your space the right way. I’m here to share some tricks with you on how to save space in small apartments.

7 Awesome Tricks For Saving Space In Small Apartments

1. Mirrors

mirrors on the wall

Mirrors visually enlarge the space and in small apartments it’s a very useful thing. Do not limit yourself to the classic wall mirrors,  use furniture with smooth surfaces, such as a screen, or simply be coated with mirror film.

2. Transforming Furniture

transforming sofa

Folding furniture is indispensable in a small apartment. Place a sofa bed in the living room, and you can always turn it into an extra bedroom; folding chairs and an extendable table in the smallest kitchen or dining room will allow to take a larger number of guests.

3. Multifunctional Furniture

multifunctional bed

The smaller the apartment the more carefully you have to choose your furniture. The best thing is when one piece of furniture has multiple functions as a low shelf, which can be used as a console and a cabinet, as well as a room divider. Multifunctional furniture selection is very precise in determining the comfort of your room. This type of furniture you can get in various furniture stores including online ones.

 4. White Walls

white walls in a room

To visually expand the space you may paint the walls white. I know it’s the most common technique, but it works. The white color makes the room more spacious. The white walls are well combined with built-in wardrobes, and cabinet furniture.

 5. Wheeled Furniture

table on wheels

Furniture on wheels is handy in apartments of any size. But of course in small apartments its “usefulness” is so much higher, you can arrange your work place or game zone in any corner of your place while keeping it mobile.

6. Nesting Furniture

nesting furniture

Advantages of nesting furniture are obvious. It’s amazing how you can get two or three chairs and a table out of one piece of furniture.

7. Active Prints


To visually increase the height of the ceilings in the apartments use wallpaper with a vertical strip pattern. Actually it becomes popular to use thick fabrics instead of wallpapers. And sharp angles and slopes become less noticeable.

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