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6 Reasons to Use Travertine in Interior

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Certainly, the materials that you pick for finishing can make the space more beautiful. Travertine is one of those finishing materials, with which it is possible to obtain innumerable options of the original decor. Consider the following 6 reasons, why you should use travertine in your interior.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Travertine in Interior

Travertine in bathroom

Travertine in bathroom

Choose your travertine

Usually travertine is confused with marble or limestone. In fact, this porous material occupies an intermediate position. Through grinding and polishing of travertine you can obtain a surface, which is similar to the structure of wood or other natural stones.

Travertine hallway

If you are in search of material for the entrance hall, which will emphasize the luxury of your home literally from the doorstep, then you should pay attention to the travertine. In addition, various styling options will help create a unique pattern or mosaic. Besides, travertine is suitable for both traditional and the modern interior.

Naturalness is always in trend

Regardless of the chosen type, color, shape or size of travertine slabs, a room with such finish anyway will look more natural.

Luxury bathroom

Travertine with different surfaces such as matte and glossy, can transform your bathroom in a moment. And you do not need diligence with the selection of decor, as the nobility of this material does not tolerate excessive detail in principle.

Add sophistication to suburban house

Travertine is suitable not only for interior design. Feel free to use it for stairs, external cladding of the house and an area around the pool.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about the external weather conditions, which are not always favorable. Travertine tolerates extreme weather, and eventually becomes no less attractive aged look.

Excellent thermal insulator

Perhaps one of the most important qualities of travertine , which is worth to mention, is that it is an excellent thermal insulator. Such an advantage allows the use this material indoors and outdoors, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of any surface.


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