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6 Decorating Tricks That Will Make Your House Look More Luxe

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Decorating on budget but creating a luxe look is a coveted idea of many amateur home decorators. Flea market finds, heirloom items, and vintage gems are great for DIY projects and home decorating but here are some immediate solutions for making your house look more luxurious and expensive than it really is.

Decorating Tricks for Luxe House on Budget

Metallic pendant lights

Metallic Accents

Brass, silver, gold, doesn’t matter. Any metallic accents will transform any room into a luxurious dwelling. Think hardware in kitchen, furniture legs and lighting fixtures in the living room, and sweet little nothings in the bedroom.

Fasion interior

Display Your Fashion Choices

This may not seem practical to you but just look at all the cool pictures of luxe interiors. Many of them have a pair of shoes tastefully displayed on a mantel, which make for luxe interior decor in both theory and reality. This also applies to beautiful perfume bottles and cosmetics. You can also go for faahion magazine spreads for wall art instead.

Fancy interior door by Martha Stewart

New Handles

Door handles are generally kinda meh so it’s up to you to give them the look like they lead into a palace rather than your normal room.

Real rug bathroom

Real Rug In the Bathroom

A real rug in the bathroom isn’t a waste, it’s an oportunity to make your bath look more fancy and gorgeous. Add the drapes if you have windows for a more dramatic effect.

H&M marble tablecloth

Marble Tablecloth

Even if you cannot afford real marble you can take advantage of this beautiful material by using a marble printed tablecloth. The better quality will yield more believable effect, which you can utilize to jazz up your dining area or home office.

Glass chandelier

Glass Chandelier

A glass chandelier is always in. Choose the one that looks fancy but not too fancy to fit with the rest of your decor. It doesn’t have to be expensive or large. Even a smaller fixture can create enough impact.

These decorating tricks won’t break the bank but you should really pick them carefully to fit into your existing decor.

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