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50 Ideas for Decorating in Black&Gold

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Black and Gold is a very festive and lush way to decorate the room, so if you are in a search of perfect combination, here are some awesome ideas for your inspiration!

Black and Gold Decor Inspiration

Black is a very controversial color, it can add elegance to your room, or it can make your room really gloomy and depressing. However right accents at the right spots can make the room just perfect. If you are in a playing mood, take your time to read and decide. Whether you make a golden room with black accents or black room with golden accents, it is important not to exaggerate on the color doses and use them wisely. However, the room doesn’t necessarily needs to be completely golden or black, it can be in a coordinating color but with bright black&gold accents.
One of the ideas to introduce golden to your black room is to use throw pillows, and other accessories. If you decide on the golden room with black accents, try neutral hue of golden, something less glittery. Black furniture will stand out great in these kind of apartments, with other minor black streaks. Black is an elegant color, and infuse it with great care. For instance, even black furniture can have golden accessories on it. The objects can be united in color, not in the theme. Likewise, when you have dark background, make the room more vibrant by highlighting with brights hues. The room will be perceived as having dominating black and golden hues, even though it’s background can be lighter and of different color. Don’t forget that when you are making the dark room, be prepared for it to appear smaller than it is, but of course that doesn’t mean that the room should be golden! Try to experiment and take inspiration from the examples below!

50 Black&Gold Inspirations


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