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5 Top most Unique Hotels

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Hotels are always in season, yet here we are about to discuss most unique hotel interior designs! Stick around to see 5 top most unique hotel rooms!

Top 5 Most Insane Hotels

So, are you ready for this mind blowing experiece? Here it goes!
1. Kolarbyn Eco Lodge
If you like to be back to basics, you might enjoy the Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, because it offers to stay out in the woods in a real cabin. Of course this cabin is equipped with any possible luxury, that is masked by rustic interior design. This unusual hotel room is mostly fit for those who like to spend some of their time in the woods, fishing, hiking and just breathing the air!

2. Museumotel
This hotel is a set of colorful snow bubbles on the outside, with very cheerful interior inside. It was designed by Pascal Haüserman in turbulent 1960, as a summer addition to a bigger hotel. If you are surprised by the interior, it is inspired by retro pop art of the 1960s.

3. Hotel de Glace
This one is trully for those who likes the north and snow, this one is for you! Located in Quebec City, Canada, the hotel presents itself as a series of ice hotels, by the way they are unique for the whole North American continent.

4. Karosta Prison
Ok, this is not for everyone! Have you ever wondered what it is like to be imprisoned? Well, if you are the one who is wondering: Karosta prison hotel is perfect for these kind of questions. It is an actual former KGB prison, which was described as hell on Earth.

5. Jules Undersea Lodge
For all these underwater fans: this Jules hotel is incredible! This hotel lodge is located in Florida, 21ft deep through a mangrove habitat in the Emerald Lagoon. The rooms have an outstanding underwater view, that you can observe as long as you stay inside.

Top 5 Most Amazing Hotels


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