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5 Ideas For Glaming Up Your Closet

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So you want a nice picture-worthy closet but all you’ve got is a fashion mess? Well, there are more than a couple of ways to glam up your closet and making it magazine-worthy.

Glamorous Closet Decorating Ideas

First rule of any envious closet is impeccable organization. Get rid of unnecessary things (trust us we know you have them) and free up the space for clothes you wear everyday and for special occasions. Make storage room for seasonal clothes, but be sure it’s disguised.

Painted Hangers

Copper hangers

You don’t want the plain hangers. Go for glossy black, matte navy, or metallic depending on your interior’s color scheme. Make them an accessory of their own rather than an unattractive necessity.

Big Mirror


A mirror, not necessarily huge, can alone glam up your closet. Choose the one with a decorative frame to make a statement.

Printed Rug

Closet rug

Even if you don’t have a dressing room place a printed rug in front of the mirror for a wow effect. It will immediately feel like an entirety different area with its own style and rules.

Shoe Display

China cabinet shoe display

Displaying a show collection may feel counterintuitive in a home but a closet is sort of a luxury so such decor solution will only amplify the look and feel of your closet. There are many different ways to display shoes, we love the wall shelves and old repurposed china cabinets..



A pouf may not be that practical for people who live on the go but it’s always been about glamour. And an old-fashioned pouf is definitely going to bring some into your closet.


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