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5 Ceiling Design Ideas

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There are many different ways of enhancing interior architecture. Decorated ceiling always makes a great impression. To create a decorative ceiling may require additional materials and work power but the end result will look great.

Ceiling Design Ideas


Mosaic ceilings are common in Moroccan interiors which gives them an opulent detailed look that catches the eye. Ceiling can be only partially covered with mosaic tiles to draw the attention to the chandelier or to create a focal point in the room.

Wood Beams

Wood beams in the ceilings look really warm and  in rustic and country interiors, but it’s not the only way to use wood in ceiling design. Painted wooden ceiling will get a different a slightly more polished look than the unfinished salvaged beams.


Molding is quite an easy ceiling design solution because it’s ready made and easy to install. Molding also comes in various designs and styles so all you have to do is choose the design and have it installed. The ceiling medallion is another easy ceiling design idea that will accentuate the chandelier.


Ceiling murals aren’t for opulent churches only. Simple but creative murals can add a lot to the interior design. A ceiling mural can be used to emphasize the design theme or simply add a picturesque view to the room.


A skylight in the ceiling fills the room with natural light and gives an outdoor feel within indoors. They come in different shapes and forms. Then a creative chandelier is always a way to make a ceiling look prettier. Choose a creative unusual chandelier to add a focal point to the room and decorate ceiling and add detail to it.


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  1. Ericka Watson
    March 1, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Stunning, just stunning. Got my creativity jacked!!Thank You.