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4 Ideas of Using Buckets in Interior

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We have already written about the ideas on how to turn a purely utilitarian things into unusual pieces of furniture, original storage facilities or even the element of a beautiful composition. We offer you to pay attention to how to use a metal bucket for decoration and storage. It can be very small buckets or the volume averages. The material is steel (galvanized, enameled or varnished) or tin.

4 Ways of Using Decorative Buckets in Interior

Decorative storage for household items in metal busckets

Decorative storage for household items in metal busckets 

We have gathered a collection of solutions, among which you will find practical ideas to transform buckets in handy container for storing small items and unusual options in country style décor, where a bucket becomes a logical part of the composition.

Metal buckets for storing household items

Depending on the size of the bucket, it can be used as a single element or as a composition of several buckets. Small and medium-sized buckets are often hung on the wall or set on a shelf.

Children’s toys and books in metal buckets

Choose colorful buckets or buckets with patterns for toys. Or you can decorate them according to your imagination: paints, drawings, labels, letters, pockets, etc. Small buckets can be hung on the wall, large ones are put on shelves in the children’s room.

Metal bucket for decoration

You can use decorative buckets and big buckets, combining them with plants, flowers, eco-decor, candles and other decorations.

Unusual ideas of using old buckets

There is always an unusual use of a bucket even in the garage or in the countryside house. It can be used not only for storage. See what else you can do using an old bucket: hose for lamp shades, makeshift sink, etc.

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  1. Vicki Holt
    May 15, 2016 at 12:45 am

    I so love the pails holding items and hung on the curtain rod. I saw something similar in a magazine, and love yours too!