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30 Basement Bar Ideas

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Basements are often left out from the general layout of the house and that is rather sad, because usually they offer quite a large space. Unfortunately most of the homeowners just don’t know how to use them. If you have a basement that is filled with junk and love to have wild intoxicating parties, perhaps you can turn your basement into the home bar? Here you will find some inspiring ideas on turning your basement into a bar.

Basement Bar Ideas

Retro Bar Inspiration

Basement Bar From the 70’s

Bar Layout

One of the basics to start from is to dedicate a day to going through the stuff that accumulated in your basement from all the years that you used as a junk station. Then of course it is best to draw the possible layout of the basement bar on the paper and decide on the features you will need to include there. The basic layout of the bar is to include a bar stand, and of course some lounge zone for your guests to relax. Of course if you have extra space and resources you can always include other features that we will discuss below.

Bar Furnishings

If you are not limited in resources you can make the classy finishes like marble tops, dark wood bar stands, leather draped bar stools and marble tabletops. Moreover, it is also a good idea to have a big flat screen TV where you can have the sport’s night parties with your friends if you decide on making a sport themed bar. Also a good idea is to combine a bar with a games or multimedia room. So, if you like to play pool or poker don’t forget to reserve the space in the room.

Among the most important features of making a perfect basement bar is to use proper lighting. Since you would want to create relaxing atmosphere it is best to use the accent lights instead of a general illumination. Use the amazing basement bar ideas below to create your own relaxation zone.

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