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3 Solutions For Homes Without Hallways

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Small home and apartment designs sometimes leave no room for transition spaces like hallways. And you may not think you need those but when they’re gone you might feel exposed or simply inconvenienced by their absence. Simply because they give you the room to transition from outdoors to home and leave the city bustle and dirt at the door.

Ideas for Homes Without Hallways



A small vestibule will help keep the dirt and shoes outside your living space. Sure it will eat up some of it but if your apartment doesn’t have a hallway and you want to keep your living space pristine it is a great solution that also happens to look very old-school and classy.

Floor Zones

Hallway floor zone

An open layout often zoned out into different areas by means of different flooring materials or simply paint colors. You can do the same with your entryway creating a spot in flooring that would indicate where the entry space finishes and the living space starts. Using different flooring may prove convenient when it comes to cleaning.


Storage hallway divider

Using a divider in tight small spaces may prove more trouble than it’s worth but if you have enough space and just don’t have a hallway then it might be just the solution for you. A divider shouldn’t be bulky or grand. Just something that will shield your living space from the doorway and create a small corridor where you can comfortably kick off the shoes and change into something homey.

In a shoebox apartment try placing furniture as far from the entryway as possible. Use the minimum of it too not to clutter the entry and go for slimmer, smaller designs that would leave a bit of space between them.

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