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3 Ideas to Use Wall Above Sofa in Living Room

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In the living room we want to place a lot of things, but space is often limited. We also want that tall cabinets would not occupy too much space. If you have the same problems, them use atypical solution – the wall space above the sofa. We have 3 examples of compact solutions (shelves and niches above the sofa) , suitable for storing small items , DVDs, books and a small amount of decoration; more volume options (furniture design, framing , and examples of shelving above the sofa). You can use them to create a home library in the living room.

Practical Use of Wall Above Sofa in Small Living Room

Shelves above the sofa

Shelves above the sofa

Find the suitable option among these practical solutions for your small living room.

Shelves above the sofa

The simplest solution is to hang shelves above the sofa. The shelves will store books, CDs, DVDs and fine decor. You can also put flowers, a mirror and other small things behind the sofa. Of course, it’s not too roomy solution, but it will surely help to offload some shelves in closets. Besides, it is very economical, practical and very decorative.

Niche above the sofa

If you plan a makeover of the living room, such niches can be done in advance (between structural projections, columns or windows). If the living room already has a niche, but you have not yet found its practical application, you can search (or make to order) the furniture that will fit perfectly in this space. Depending upon the size, it is possible to place small and larger items, and even a library.

Shelving for books, framing sofa

Shelving for books, framing sofa

Shelving for books, framing sofa

The space around the sofa can also be used. Place two tall cabinets; hang horizontal module from the same collection of furniture or shelves between them. Thanks to this original design you will have a niche for the sofa.

Do you want extra comfort and beauty? You can install wall sconces for reading or hang pictures between the back of the sofa and the horizontal section.

This solution is popular among designers, who decorate living rooms in different styles – from classic and vintage to modern urban and minimalist styles. It is easy to do, if we consider that the style is determined by the type of shelving, shape of the sofa and a color palette of the interior in your small living room. The form of the construction is almost the same.


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