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3 Dream Bedrooms with Patchwork Walls

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You can completely transform your bedroom using simple means. For example, how do you like the idea of ​​making an accent wall of wallpaper residues in patchwork technique? If you choose right linen, bedspread and decorative pillows for the bedroom, you will get a very original interior.

3 Ideas of Wall Patchwork in Bedroom

English romantic vintage bedroom

English romantic vintage bedroom

We offer three illustrative embodiment of this idea using wallpaper residues that you could have.

English romantic vintage

This simple, but elegant patchwork will appeal to all, who love the floral pattern, vintage style and tone of the summer. Base: blue flowers on a white background. Do not stop at one shade, pick up a few. You can add floral wallpaper with yellow and pink pattern. The best option for such bedroom would be white furniture combined with blue fabrics and accessories.

French bohemian style with a touch of exotic

This bold and striking style combines the charm of French bohemian and bright colors of the 70s. It uses “Jouy” – traditional French wallpaper with scenes of rural life or fairy tales of Persia and India. Base: red and orange. You can add green accents. Choose the furniture and accessories in the style of 70s – colored plastic chairs, bright bedside tables, colorful bedspread. This is an excellent combination.

Relaxing tranquility of Shabby-chic

If you do not want a riot of colors in the bedroom, select pieces of wallpaper in soft colors. This interior will create a relaxing atmosphere. Base: pale pink, white, light gray with thin strips, small spotty pattern. You can complement the interior with floral wallpaper, combined with linen.

Such bedroom can have forged black or white antique bed. Other household furniture (eg, bedside table) can be modern. Pay attention to the details: elegant round pillows, striped rug with vegetable textile prints, etc.


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