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3 Curtain Tips That Always Work

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Curtains can make or break your interior look. If you don’t want to make big changes swaping your old curtains for new ones can make a great difference. The same goes for the way you use them. Hanging them to suit the architecture of your house can do it a world of good.

3 Ultimate Curtain Tips

Light curtains

Always Hang Them From Ceiling

Since most dwellings cannot boast high ceilings hanging your curtains way above your windows can visually enhance the space and make your ceiling look taller. If you want to benefit further from this tip go for unform light color scheme to enhance your whole room.

Light overlapping curtains

If In Doubt Go Light

If in doubt go for simple light curtains. Color and pattern may work against your space and interior design so if you’re not sure about what curtains to choose go with plain simple white or light blue curtains that will at least partially allow natural light in. This way your room won’t feel crammed and dark.

Curtains and blinds

Add Curtains To Blinds

Finally if you have blinds on your window but you feel like your interior is missing something, it’s probably curtains. It wouldn’t look odd if you have both treatments granted they complement each other. It’s great to have highly functional blinds when you want some privacy and also to have curtains add to your decor.

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