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15 Ideas Of Decorating With Christmas Baubles

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Christmas baubles are the easiest thing to decorate with. You can hang them, place them in the bowl, group them by color or make a colorful wreath out of them. There are many ways to decorate with just baubles.



A bauble wreath is one of the most showy decorations you can place over your door or mantel. All you need to make one is a Styrofoam wreath, hot glue, and around a few dozens of baubles with removed hangers. You can pick and choose whatever color scheme suits your interior the most and also have baubles of different sizes. You can also take a picture frame and hang a few baubles with it to make an alternative door wreath.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

There are quite a few ways to make a Christmas just with baubles. First way is to take a ladder and hang them at different length to create a triangular shape. You can also use your own ceiling to do that. You can also glue the baubles to a board in a tree-like shape and hang it as an artwork above mantel or your desk.

Table Decor

Chandelier decor

Baubles will fit greatly on a Christmas dinner table. They can just be scattered in a decorative manner around it or used as a napkin weight, a table centerpiece filler, or even a name card holder. You can also suspend them from a chandelier or a chair back.

Baubles are a great filler for any container from a vase to a planter pot. Use them to fill in any blank spots in your Christmas decor.

Decorating With Christmas Baubles


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