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10 Mistakes in Living Room Decor

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There are many mistakes that people make while furnishing and decorating the living room. These mistakes are so common that had become a habit: we feel that something is wrong, but we can not find the exact reason, because we have seen such a decision many times and for some reason do not consider it wrong, though unconsciously, it confuses us . We show you how to recognize shortcomings and avoid them.

10 Common Mistakes in Living Room Decor

Pictures in the living room

Pictures in the living room

Location of pictures above the desired level

Many people tend to hang pictures too high, so that you have to lift up the head. But this is not the worst mistake: sometimes the pictures in the same room or even on the same wall are hung at different heights.

It is worth remembering that for the harmonious placement of the pictures you should always hang them a little lower than you want, at about eye level.

Improper lighting

Mistakes in lighting are generally of two types: it may be a lack or excess of light. The first option is much more common. There should be a few light sources in the room: try using different types of lighting fixtures in addition to natural light from windows.

Too much furniture

Living room is a place to relax and talk, and you should respect the principle of settling simplicity. Minimum of harmoniously straddling furniture is your peace and comfort.

Monotone colors

Monotone colors are a common drawback in many living rooms. Pieces of furniture, accessories, wall, floor and ceiling of the same color and some of its shades, the lack of bright accents – all this make the interior boring. Feel free to choose a few colors, and two of them are quite permissible to be contrasted.

Lack of space for your collection

If you collect books, records, toys, that’s great, but do not overwhelm the room randomly with objects of your passion. The best solution is to concentrate all of your collectible items of pride in one place, which is specially designated for this purpose.

Lack of carpet

This mistake is quite understandable. People feel that their brand new floors are beautiful by themselves, and it is not necessary to hide this splendor. But a carpet is a necessary condition for the creation of comfort, maintaining of the color scheme of the room. And most importantly, carpets absorb unwanted sounds.

Bare windows

Each window should have curtains and drapes, or at least one of the two. Remember, curtains and drapes should be combined with the style of the room, and their length depends on the height of the ceiling.

Fear of the dark and bright colors

You do not have to avoid bright colors, especially when it comes to individual subjects: accents are an important element of the decor. Bright dresser or a couple piercing red pillows will freshen the interior of the living room and it will be the absolute highlight.

Mixing styles

Any room is an organic whole consisting of interrelated elements in style. Even fans of the so-called eclecticism will agree with that. A couple of frankly objects not fitting the style will make the interior look ridiculous.

Oversized accessories

It is easy to fall into extremes with accessories. Trying to strike a balance and strive for simplicity, some furnish their living rooms so strictly that they look uninhabited. Others, on the contrary, overdoing mountains of cushions, cluttering shelves, lots of mirrors – all this strains your eyes. Try to leave only those accessories that are in harmony with the interior of the living room.


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