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10 Interiors With Drawings on Walls

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Wall artworks work great as wall decor. But what about the untamed, unframed drawings for your walls? With the abundance of vynil stickers and photographic wallpaper you’d ask why would anyone go for drawings on the wall? But they have their own charm and unique hand of an artist that creates them.

It is a fresh way to wall art that’s become too same-y. You can’t buy it online or print it out. You can either DIY or hire a professional artist and work on it together.

Drawings on Walls

Pop art graffiti

If you think think drawings on the walls are only for kid’s rooms then you haven’t seen these amazing interiors that look unique and unusual thanks to their artistic wall decor. From illustrations to graffiti, wall art can be different and you wan it to be unique then an artistic drawing is what you should aim for.

You can, of course, choose something simpler and do it yourself or you could install a blackboard and have a new drawing every other day.

If you are hiring a professional though, you could ask for a unique illustration specifically for you. The beauty of such decor is that it isn’t constricted by the size of the frame. You could choose a wall spot of any size or give the artist an entire wall for their expression.

An unframed work of art also gives an interior that exlusive look the designers typically create for celebrities, photoshoots, and their own homes. You can use it in any room as well. It doesn’t have to be the living room. A hallway is a perfect place since it’s usually empty and there’s not much going on.

What would you paint on your walls?

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