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10 Color Ideas for Small Living Rooms

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We offer to escape from the known truths that light colors expand the space, and vertical bars visually pull the ceiling. Modern approaches of decorators and designers in this issue are much more creative. You can choose any of the 10 ideas, offered in this article.

10 Color Combination Ideas to Add Space in Small Living

Colored squares

Colored squares in the small living room

Pastel colors

Do you want to make a living room more romantic? For this it’s enough to select a sofa, lamps and fine decor (eg., candles) in pastel colors (eg.,such as pink). Everything else can be very light or even white.

Achromatic etude

If the entire living room is designed in bright colors, it loses the balance of light and shadow. Add a drop of dark gray or black, and you will find that the room has gained volume and expressiveness.

Bright sofa

Do you want to quickly revive the space? Purple sofa-settee, pouf and cushions will help you. This combination will make even the smallest room brighter and more spacious.

Bright rack

Do you miss rich colors? You do not need to repaint the walls or change the upholstery – just add a rack of bright color (eg., orange).

Accent color

Choose a color that will serve as an accent, and pick up the decor of that color. This can be figurines, lamps, stickers, decorative pillow, photo frame, etc. In this case, the selected color is red.

Colored squares

Organize space using square shapes: racks, boxes, cabinets. If they are colored, you will add a fashionable youth touch to your small living room.


Choose white pair of folding chairs, coffee table and a lamp. This assembly will fit into any interior and will visually make the room lighter. But the background for it may be in other colors, including pastel and even a cocktail of several colors and patterns “a la patchwork”.

Noble gray

Who said that gray is certainly boring? Complete a gray wall with decorative accessories of the same color, choose a soft harmonious combinations in textiles. Your living room will become a favorite island of peace and tranquility.

Magic purple

Purple cushions, furniture covers, coffee table are the perfect accents that will distract attention from the modest size of the room, because this piece hides secrets and feminine magic.

Spicy mustard

If you want to make a living room bright, but in any case not too crude, paint one wall in mustard. The room immediately becomes “spicy”. If you want to add a touch of retro, complete the interior with blue sofa or cushions.

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