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10 Amazing Color Schemes

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Color scheme sets the mood for the room. An interesting color scheme can alone a lot to the home decor. Here are the ten amazing color combos that will make your home look striking and impressive.

Amazing Color Schemes

Coral & Turquoise

Coral and turquoise is a popular color scheme. Both colors look great as secondary and tertiary colors against the neutral colors. Turquoise and coral is a common color scheme in retro interior designs. Use red, brown or white as a main color and add coral and turquoise accents in throw pillows, chairs, vases and other decorations.

Turquoise, Blue & Purple

This intense colors scheme creates an opulent look and is perfect for a dreamy bedroom design. One of the colors can be chosen as a main one while the other two make secondary and tertiary. For instance, paint the walls purple and use blue bedding with turquoise throw pillows and accents.

Gray & Yellow

Gray and yellow make for a sharp and stylish look. While gray is definitely a neutral color it is brightened up with bright yellow. Black or white colors can be used to balance out this color scheme and add more depth to it. Also try to find balance between the colors’ intensity.

Azure/Turquoise & Yellow

Azure or turquoise and yellow color scheme can help create beautiful coastal style interior. It can be used anywhere for a beach style look and balanced out with beige, white and blue gray.

Dark Blue & Lime Green

Dark blue and lime green make for an interesting color scheme. It is dramatic but fresh and can create an impressive look. Browns and colorful patterns can also be thrown in for a more balanced look.

Purple & Red

Another color scheme for opulent interiors is purple and red. The combination can be overwhelming so regulate the instensity of colors and balance it out with neutrals like beige and white or pastels like lavender.

Pink & Orange

Going for a Moroccan style look? The bright and intense pink and orange color scheme is just right for it. Adding white, blue, natural wood or yellow will make the color scheme look more finished.

Metallic Green & Beige

Green and beige look great together regardless of intensity of color. Pair pale metallic green with light beige or bright green with shimmery beige. Complete this glamorous color scheme with natural light or dark wood or add a couple of bright accents in pink red or yellow.

Emerald Green & Cobalt Blue

Emerald green and cobalt blue were meant for each other. Decorate a room in this luxurious color scheme spreading color generously through the walls and furniture. You can also enhance the color scheme with dark gray and other neutrals.

Red & Gray

Red and gray is a stylish combination just like gray and yellow. Use them equally or use red as an accent color in decor and it will look great in any combination.

See more color schemes with the colors above:

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  1. kapil joshi
    February 25, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    i really liked it color combination.
    It is really tough to get perfect combination. it is lot of time taking

  2. tina rutledge
    June 26, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    Wow, totally beautiful color combinations.