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Wooden Collection by Laszlo Tompa

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The Designer exhibitions are good in their own way of presenting new exciting furnishing solutions, which is the case of Lazslo Tompa, who recently presented his incredible wooden collection items.


Three faces of Wooden Lampshades

The Hungary based designer, Laszlo Tompa has recently presented interesting wooden collection at the Tent London pavilion, as a part of the London Design Festival that is currently taking place in the United Kingdom. Tompa has presented three faces of wood, each very distinct and beautiful.
The collection consists of the Cube Illusion, Flower lamps and Spiral box. The Cube illusion is a mind blowing construction with a cube at its base and some weird geometric forms on its surface. Made from solid cherry wood, the Cube Illusion is actually a storage for something valuable.

The Flower lamps present something very alike the Cube Illusion, except it is a hanging chandelier. It is also a set of six different flower like hanging lampshades. Made from solid cherry wood, apparently the lamps are not transparent, and thus are transmitting the light only downward.

The last in the wooden collection is the Spiral Box, also with a storage capacity. The box is very different from the previous two, because it presents a simplistic drawer for small items like jewelery, or even toys. Its spiral shape is reminiscent of the seashell, and is designed for all age categories.

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