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Winter Decor to Warm You Up

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In winter we spend more time in a cozy and warm atmosphere of home, which is warmed not only by heating, but also by happy family evenings. Therefore, in the winter months it is very important to create a really warm interior in the house for the whole family. Here are some ideas how to create a warm decor in your home.

Warm Decoration Ideas for Winter Interior

Beautiful serving in natural style

Beautiful serving in natural style 


On a frosty day, nothing warms better than a hot cup of tea. And beautiful serving in natural style will make the tea party cozy and hearty. Cast iron teapot and thick glasses in cupronickel glass holder can be complemented with the original wooden stand made of lumps of wood.


The old tile can be turned into a very interesting stand for hot utensils. Find a piece of lace fabric and glue it to the tile using the adhesive spray. Apply a spray paint of any color you like, then wait until the paint is dry then simply remove the lace. An amazing pattern will remain on the tile. And the stand will be more practical, if you stick a piece of felt or cork on the back side of the tile.

Warming pillow

Sew a small pillow case or get one with a zipper. Fill the pillowcase with wheat, which can be bought in a supermarket in the department of health food. If you preheat the wheat in a microwave, the pillow will become warm, and will help relieve headaches, muscle and lumbar pain or warm cold feet.

Pure white still life

To create a balanced composition in the interior you can combine objects by color. Paint old enamel or aluminum cookware with slightly diluted acrylic paste.

Patterns on the dishes

Pretty simple and very exciting experience is decorating the monochromatic utensils with pictures, using stencils. Apply paint on ceramics, using a stencil and dry sponge, then anneal dishes in the oven according to the instructions on the paint.


Joint sittings of needlework were a centuries-old tradition of many nations. Grandmothers, mothers and granddaughters used to spend the evenings in sewing, knitting of lace. But they did it for purely practical purposes and today a beautiful mural or a pitcher can be a decoration of an interior.


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