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Wall Rugs in Interior

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One of the important issues that arise during this period is how to warm our homes to enjoy even the most severe winter. We can insulate the walls in the apartment by wall carpets and tapestries.

Smart Usage of Wall Rugs in Interior

Wall rug in bedroom

Wall rug in the bedroom

Despite the prevailing opinion that the carpets, and in particular, tapestries are a relic of the past, a thing that can not fit into any modern interior, we believe that they have not lost their charm.

To make a wall carpet look fresh and bright in the apartment interior, you need to consider some rules, which we describe in this article.

Wall rug is a quite catchy and bright accent in the interior, so it is advisable to use no more than one rug in one room. Moreover, one rug for one apartment would be sufficient. Avoid repeating the same methods in each room. Use alternative wall decor in other rooms using paintings, photographs in frames, botanical posters, compositions of the dishes, etc.

Wall rug can be an independent and self-sufficient décor in the interior, but the rooms, where rugs are combined with other textiles look much more interesting. Use cushions in the living room, a blanket in the bedroom, floor carpets, curtains and other textiles.

Wall rug in the living room

Wall rug in the living room

It is not necessary to hang a wall rug in the middle of the wall. It can be used as a headboard beside the bed – in this case the rug will be placed closer to the bottom of the wall directly behind the bed.

You can turn on your imagination and create a beautiful modern interior using wall rugs as wall hanging accessory that will complement the selected style; decorate; absorb noise; and insulate the walls.

Wall rug in the bedroom

Wall rug in the bedroom


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