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Unusual Repurposing of Old Kitchen Utensils

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Anything can be modified and used for longer with a little imagination and thought. For example, a cup can be used as a holder for pencils, and a door can be used as a tabletop. Some ideas come to mind quickly and obviously. Others require wit. Here are some projects that show you how to reuse and things, giving them a new purpose.

How to Use Old Kitchen Utensils in Unusual Ways

Towel holder made of a rolling pin

Towel holder made of a rolling pin

A lot of things that you normally use in the kitchen, can be reused, although maybe you do not even think about how to use them.

Towel holder

Take, for example, a rolling pin. It can be used as a towel holder. And it’s quite obvious. Let’s start with a suitable place for it. Then mark and drill the holes for the screws. Attach the rolling pin and a new tower holder is ready for use.

Wall clocks made of a pan’s cover

A old pan’s cover can be used to make a wall clock. If you tired of the old clock and there is an unnecessary pan or just a cover around, use this idea. Remove the mechanism of old clock. Then remove the handle from the cover, set the clockwork. And find a place to hang the new clock.


If you have more than one unnecessary rolling pins, make unusual hangers. Cut off parts of the rolling pins to the desired size and attach them to a wooden board at an equal distance from each other. You can paint such a hanger in different colors.


And here’s an interesting idea to use an outdated whisk. Corolla can be turned into a beautiful candle holder, which can be used in the kitchen or in other areas. It does not require any effort. Simply insert a small candle in the whisk and hang it. You can even take it with you like a flashlight.

Pockets for cutlery

You can use wooden cutting boards and dish towels to make bags for cutlery in the kitchen. Cut out the towel and carefully stick it to the board. And then hang the pocket on the wall.

Pencil holder

A cup or a glass can be used as a pencil holder. It is not a new idea. But what about a grate? It also might work. Just flip it and attach it to the wall above your desk, for example.

Light fixture

You get funny lights of colanders or other similar equipment. This is a great idea for the kitchen.

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