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Unique Designer Christmas Decorations

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Do you like Christmas decorations as close to being traditional, and shouldn’t deviate in the accustomed shapes, colors and who knows what else! However, if you are bored with the dull traditional decorations, then this is a right page you stopped by, because here we will discuss peculiar and unique designer Christmas decorations!

Christmas Ornaments as a Style Statement

While you cherish the Christmas spirit and consider it very homey, and like the traditional decorations, like Ikea or Zara presents, other less brandy companies, offer their own unique look on what Christmas ornaments need to be. That is exactly the theme of our post, we were will discuss the recent beauties on the Christmas market, presented by sharks in interior decorating and furnishing, starting with peculiar color of the re-conceptualized Christmas ornaments.
Studio Badini has created their own version of the traditional glass ornament, making the “Pantone Christmas Bauble”, which looks fashionable, and to be honest a bit weird. The Mantova based company has completed the collection which to be exclusively distributed by the Italian company Seletti. The Pantone collection includes ten main themes of the glass Christmas ornaments, each with a diameter of eight centimeters! Pretty huge for a regular glass ornament for a Christmas tree, and pretty bold as well. Each ornament is half colored with an intense hue and then roughly by the middle it is pure white with a strange inscription on the ball. Perhaps it is a hue number assigned by the artists in some international color identification scheme.

Another intriguing addition to the holiday spirit was presented by Teresa Sapey, a Spanish architect who works with a manufacturer Vondom. Sapey has designed a unique lighting system, that is in a shape of a Christmas tree, and had called this project – “Chrismy”! The Chrismy lights are available in different sizes, and perhaps even become substitute for a real fir tree, if you want an original and unique Christmas. They can change their colors from being simply white to being multicolored.

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