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Two Original Shower-Lamps

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In natural environments, light and water always coexist. In our homes, unfortunately, it is not so simple. Now you can combine things that you have traditionally engaged in different parts of the house: read a book, standing under the shower. Why not? Books, however, must also be special, at least waterproof.

Two Original Shower-Lamps from Italian and Japanese Designers

Closer by Diego Grandi

Closer by Diego Grandi


Most mobile and most obedient shower Closer was invented by Italian designer Diego Grandi for Zucchetti. The designer manipulated with table lamps and spied the work of plumbers.

According to the designer, the concept of Closer is simple. It is based on moving, our moving to water, and water moving to us. A freedom of movement of the Closer model is provided by the original design. Its prototype is a table lamp on the bar with a counterweight.

Closer shower completely mimics a table lamp with the only difference: it is not light that flows from it, but water. And its flow can be controlled.

Diego Grandi says that the creation of his shower was inspired by a commercial of Zucchetti in 1988 called Domatori d’acqua. An artful plumber was so fast in managing the water flows, plugging each new flow with a mixer. Closer also responds instantly to the desire to redirect the flow of water in the right direction: up, down, slightly to the left, right, straight.

Nendo Light Shower

Nendo Light Shower by Oki Sato

Nendo Light Shower by Oki Sato

Another hybrid of a lamp and a shower was created for Axor (division of the German Hansgrohe) by Japanese designer Oki Sato, founder of the Nendo studio. A steel floor lamp and a chandelier literally play the role of the shower, at the same time illuminating the space.

As the designer said, his goal was to combine the two fundamentals in any home – water and electricity – so that the shower in the bathroom space played in a completely new way. The result is an original source of water or light, and an unusual combination of objects to which we all used, synergy of simple things that surround us.


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