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Сhristmas Trees Gone Wild

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With the last days left till Christmas we keep on encouraging the readers to experiment with the conventional holiday home decorations, and do crazy things, in terms of interior design decorating of course. How about making a truly unique main decoration for the holiday season, as we present some cases when the Christmas tree goes wild!

Incredible Christmas Tree Ideas

Are you tired of the conventional green fir tree, then how about trying something completely new? Today, in just a few days before the big holiday, we are observing several ideas to substitute the main Christmas attraction. One of the ideas, is to punk it up and go crazy with wild neon colors, such as pink! If you don’t feel comfortable around pink, try other neon hues, such as electric blue, poisonous green, canary yellow and others. Meanwhile, pink can be not only neon, but in feminine classic pink. Among other things is to use incredible colors for tree ornaments, even in black and silver, even though this sounds a bit like Halloween. However, remember that black is a very elegant color, if you use it wisely. Silver on one hand, can be quite amazing in contrast with the classic red decorations.
Now, you don’t have to go with traditional cone shaped fir tree, it can be simply twigs, but of course it should be painted appropriately or can be left natural. Sparkling silver can work really well. If you like to make contrast with colors, how about using the green work for you? If you have the dominant white, the fake white tree, put some cute green ornaments. Making handmade ornaments will certainly make your main Christmas tree attraction unique. If you don’t have much space, you will certainly think about a small tree like decor, from wire and decorate the wired tree with colorful beads! Moreover, the little trees can be placed in numerous spots and create a warm cozy festive atmosphere. If you have decided to go with an evergreen natural tree, go natural all the way and make your ornaments in one color hue, such as white.

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